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From a one man shop in the northern US come some of the most unique and dynamic guitar designs seen today! And while uniqueness is the name of the game at GARRETT GUITARS, requests for builds in the old familiar styles are honored as well. The real excitement lies in bringing the guitar -- any guitar -- to life! Follow the exciting journey here as well as on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter!


What began many years ago as a passion for workworking has turned into a passion for creating and building guitars!

"I had always thought that one day I would build myself a guitar, but with the obligations of daily life I just hadn't gotten around to it yet so finally, in early in 2022, I began researching design ideas. I quickly landed on a base concept I liked and then put my own design flares into it, but it wasn't very long into the building process before the lightening had struck me, and I realized I had found my true woodworking passion in the building of guitars!"


Cutting on bandsaw